27 March 2019

Scientia Premium Apk

Scientia is a news app mainly centered around Science and Technology. It uses http://phys.org to showcase the latest in a wide range of topics ranging from Quantum Mechanics to the Universe. You can also add topics of your own if you want to.

Some of the features that set Scientia apart from other apps of similar nature are

Material Design : Scientia is developed with Material Design principles in mind which make it a joy to use. You'll have no problem getting used to the design.

Topics : Browse through the already defined topics such as
• Physics
• Nanotechnology
• Earth
• Astronomy
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Technology
Or add your own topics to browse articles of.

For example, if you want to read about the Trappist system, just add Trappist as a topic and you're done. It's that easy. No need to add custom RSS URLs and then pull your hair out because it wouldn't work; only to find out that a character was missing in the URL. No. Just put in the name. That's all.

Save for later : Running out of time but want to catch up on what's new? Scientia's got you covered. You can save any article to read later when you're free. You can access saved articles by going to the saved section in the navigation drawer.

Notifications : Want to be notified when new articles are published? No problem. But only for certain topics? No problem. But only when you're on WiFi? No problem.

You can select the individual topics that you'd like to receive notifications for and if you want it to happen only on WiFi.

APOD : View NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day in your navigation drawer. Why? Because they're awesome. But you can turn them off if you so desire to.

Themes : Select between Light and Dark themes to suit you mood.

Screenshot ImageScreenshot ImageScreenshot Image

Mod List :
  • ● Paid Features unlocked

- Open app and click on sidebar
- Click on "remove ads"

- Restart app and Enjoy!

Version: 5.1.1
Category : News & Magazines
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up

Google Play Store

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