16 October 2018

Warrior Infinite Mod Apk

[Introduction to the game]Turn based strategy: Warrior, mage, priest, constitutes a traditional RPG three professional brave team battle, in the face of challenges come to various enemies.

[operation strategy]Sort an attack based on the character's agility, and note the correct attributes to play your tactics.
Soldiers, the security of the physical attack output and the team's security.
Master, protect the magic attack output and transient control.
Pastor, the protection of members of the life and strengthen the property.
Each character has 3 active skills, 2 passive skills.
Passive skills can change the direction of the role of strategy.

Screenshot Image Screenshot Image Screenshot Image

Mod List :
  • - Unlimited gold, coins & souls

Version: 3.1
Requirements: Android 2.3 and up

Google Play Store

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