3 February 2018

StarONE : Origins Mod Apk

Casual Tap & Idle Game ... in Space!

In a galaxy far away, a long long time ago...

You are Captain ONE. You board your Mothership.

Your trusty Crew beside you -

Your adventure starts now! Fend through waves of unknown beings blocking your path to saving the Universe. As Space is VAST: 3000 levels+ vast!

Just. Tap. The. Screen.
(Well, actually you don't have to either)

Link up some tricky Crew Combos; 
Squash some enemies under thumb; 
... or just leave it all to fate!

This game is an easy, casual game that needs only your touch - nothing else!

The Captain and Crew fight automatically!
They clear through their enemies and move the adventure along while you watch!

Level up your Crew and unlock their past (and skills!)
Power up your Captain and teach him awesome, useful skills!
Command your Mothership and program it to help you our on your adventure!
There's plenty of things to do here, it's all up to you!

... Then you can Warp and discover new worlds all over again!

If you are having some trouble, look for the Space Shopkeep! Buy some Capsules!
... or watch out for UFOs!

Aim for the Stars! Or way past them~

   StarONE : Origins- screenshot     StarONE : Origins- screenshot     StarONE : Origins- screenshot

Mod List :
  • - Unlimited money

Version: 1.0.2
Requirements: Android 6.0 and up

Google Play Store

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