29 March 2018

Infinite Stratos Mod Apk

Under the complete supervision of overlapping company which is the copyright source, popular characters will be active in the completely new scenario as official episode. 

Of course familiar characters, as well as popular illustrators, seven new exclusive owners also appeared. And that guy's finally finally ...? 

The invasion of absolute natural enemies (imaginary origin), the representatives of the countries they meet, and what is finally the "IS" revealed at last ... a 

different color work cutting into the IS at a completely new angle, 
Infinite Stratos 'archetype · breaker' Beginning! 

Luxury benefits gift! 
· Favorite character star 4 · Star 5IS card 1 piece 
· spacetime 400 stones (Gacha 13 times) 
· 10 consecutive gacha tickets (star 4 or more fixed tickets) 
· 5 star 5 scene card fixed tickets 1 
 star ※ star 5 scene card fixed Gacha is scheduled to be implemented at a later date. 

After four years from the TV series, the official Gaiden in IS (Infinite Stratos), starting! 

Staff who worked on TV animation production and gorgeous cast reunited! 
In addition, add powerful up-and-coming popular casts with powerful fame famous designers and further power up! 

◆ Staff 
Original: Bowstring Izuru (published by Overlap Bunko) 
Scenario Original: Bowstring Eye 
Scenario: Ichibanzu and others
Character design: Kumi Horii, CHUN (Friendly Land), Masatomi Mutsumi, Komatsune Ehji, Black Silver 
Mechanical Design: Takefumi Takakura, ChuN (Friendly Land), Chihiro Kirishima, Ehime Kirishima, Black Silver 

◆ Theme Song: Princesses "Minami 
     Lyrics: Minami / composer: Ramushini 
     Licensed By Lantis Co., Ltd. 

◆ character 
Omadara one summer (CV: Kouki Uchiyama) 
Shinonono broom (CV: Yoko Hikasa) 
Cecilia Alcott (CV: Yukana) 
firebird Suzuon (CV: Asami Shimoda) 
Charlotte Deyunoa (CV: Kana Hanazawa) 
Laura Bodevihhi (CV: Marina Inoue) 
Sara識Tatena (CV: Chiwa Saito) 
Sara識hairpin (CV: suzuko mimori) 
cloth Buddha real intention ( CV: Mai Kadowaki) 
Phoenicus (CV: Ayumi Takeishi) 
Vishnu Isa Galaxy (CV: Saori Hayami) 
Rorantine Roland Di Filin (CV: Senna Sawa) Fanir 
· Comett (CV: Akane Fujita) 
O'Neill Comet (CV: Minori Suzuki) 
velvet Hell (CV: Saki Fujita) 
Currier torque Shefuka (CV: Yumiri Hanamori) 

Mod List :
  • - Weak enemies attack
  • - Weak enemies HP

Version: 1.0.15
Requirements: Android 5.0 and up

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