10 February 2017

Tokyo Ghoul carnaval color v1.2.6 Mod Apk

Renewal in large updates!
Smartphone app power-up of the popular animation “Tokyo Ghoul”!
Of powerful color model and voice have been added ■ 3D pulling action
Finally from the Silhouette model to the color model power-up! Voice to here more realistic until now with additional combat.
Easy operation of only flick to pull 喰種 (ghoul) and investigator, character a map of the 3D is run around in freely.
In addition numerous and colorful skills, such as the action using the wall and some of the obstacles and Hofure the enemy by making full use of various elements.
■ 喰種 the investigator, a different way of life = System
Investigators equipped Select Quincke, and hit the ally induce the character of the attack. It can be an attack in cooperation with allies.
On the other hand 喰種 is, prey on the character when hit the ally. Its 赫子 (Kagune) to be able to be enhanced to act again.
■ 喰種 the investigator, the dream of a united front even realize!?
“Case to go” members such as Kaneki and talker, of course, investigator of the CCG, such as Amon and Mato, to executives of the tree of Odong,
characters who have gathered that one after another decorate the “Tokyo Ghoul”. Only the dream of a united front to be implemented by member organization yourself.
※ This app will be able to play for free until the end, but there some items charged.
※ color model, combat voice will only be part character.
[Corresponding OS version]
Android4.1 or more
(1) Recommended models and, concerning operation in other than the recommended OS version, it will be outside the scope of support.
(2) With your usage, even the recommended models might operation is unstable.
(3) for the recommended OS version, even if it is described as “Android4.1 or more”, there is no one in which necessarily correspond to the latest version.
[Latest and recommended models for other inquiries]
On the check “Terms of Use” before use, please use.
[For inquiries about this product here]
[Namco Bandai Entertainment official site]
© Ishida Sui / Shueisha, Tokyo 喰種 Production Committee
© BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Mod List :
  • - Weaken the enemy

Requirements:  4.1 and up

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