2 December 2016

Secret Agent Maria v1.4 Mod Apk

Enjoy Secret Agent Maria, an ultimate secret agent games! As a secret agent of the American government, steal confidential documents and save lives of other American agents from terrorist base camps in the city. Become a secret spy on a secret mission to play sniper games with a blend of agent games in order to assassinate the traitors & terrorists. A secret government agency has hired you for a high level secret mission that involves sniper shooting and assassination of terrorist group to steal important information documents and rescue your fellow agents captured by them. Stay in a stealth mode to hide yourself from the enemies. Shoot them to eliminate crime from the society. You are going to be a top-level highly trained secret agent assassin. Operate secret agent games under cover. Shoot with accurate precision, before the enemy fire a bullet at you. Your government agency has provided you with the best sniper rifle gun, weapons and a stealth helicopter to move around the enemy territory secretly. One of the most challenging stealth games to test your skills! There is no time for a training session. Just get started using your elite sneaky skills to win the war against crime. Save your country. Rescue fellow spy agents and war survivor soldiers. Use the US Army training you received to fight in Russia. Be the spy legend on a killer secret agent chase mission from an elite underworld training school. There is no time to train more men. You’ll have to fight the spy mission alone in a war against terrorism and crime. Enjoy one of the best secret agent stealth spy games!
Take off in a rescue helicopter to reach the terrorist arena in the middle of the city industrial area. Once you are done with your secret mission, reach the helipad so that the helicopter can transport you back safely. Use your Sniper 3D gun shooting experience to assassinate the enemy soldiers. Aim and shoot to kill. Start killing in one of the best shooting games ever. It’s a free game to test your shooting skills. Time for an ultimate war action. Aim at evil & shoot to kill in an absolutely amazing secret agent games. Be prepared to fight & attack your rival gangsters. After a hard time assassinating the criminals, save the country as a brave secret agent leader. Find other notorious grand criminals, fight the brutal targeted missions, escape from the inescapable bullets and use your first person shooting and third person shooter skills. Rush to save the hostages from hell & Explore the terrorist crime and kill them all. Be the skilled secret agent. Grab your gun, shoot at the criminal tanks and keep running to escape from hostile situation. Attack the criminal squad, fight like heroes and kill the mafia force for prison escape spy missions.
Secret Agent Maria features:
√ Most thrilling and dangerous FPS secret agent rescue mission games
√ Ultimate action packed immersive fighter missions
√ Play as a real spy in a realistic secret agent 3D mission games environment
√ Amazing gameplay
√ Up to date sniper gun for an unparalleled shooting performance
√ Intuitive 1st person and 3rd person controls
√ Rescue helicopter for transportation
√ Stealth mode

Requirements: 2.3 and up

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