12 November 2016

Call Of Last Agent (COLA)-FPS v2.1.2 Mod Apk

Experience the newest innovations in mobile FPS!
◈ New shooting method using camera as button
– Can simultaneously control shooting, aiming, and movement for delicate control
◈ Console game level weapon details and simulation
– Each weapon gives a real feeling of their characteristics
– Shooting recoil, shooting motion, running motions, and distinct firing sounds per weapon
◈ Diverse concept maps which enable multiple play strategies
– 10+ mid-to-large sized maps
– Each map has a unique setting and different strategic points
◈ Each user’s equipment has different characteristics, none can be the same
– 17+ types of weapons and 18 types of protective gear
– 6+ types of melee weapons available (knife, baseball bat, steel pipe, laser sword, etc.)
– 70+ item properties exist which are randomly given when an item is created
◈ Up to 8 players may enjoy the different modes of the game together
– All other players are enemies in ‘survival’ mode
– Enjoy up to 4 vs 4 in ‘team’ mode
– Find out which clan is best in clan mode
◈ Tier system according to how skillful and competitive one is
– Familiar system of bronze to challenger tier system
– Automatic matching system according to one’s tier

[.1.] Primary / Secondary Gun High Damage
[.2.] Granade High Damage
[.3.] Granade Explosion Range – It will affect ya too – take shelter before using it
[.4.] God Mode – Just a lot more HP
[.5.] Granade wait time is null

Requirements: 4.1 and up

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