19 June 2017

Pixel Effect Photo Editor v1.4 Apk

Pixel Effect Photo Editor - Make your Photo look like its bleeding Pixels from photo to create awesome looking 

Pixel Effect. 

Pixel Effect has variety of bleeding pixels in various styles. Pixel effect photo editor is converting your any photo into a Pixel photo using our app effect. It applies some magic effects on your photos to make it more beautiful and realistic. 

Pixel Effect apps is now coming with new concept of photo editing. Pixel Effect allows you to add pixel effect on your original picture in just one tap.

Pixel Picture Editor Apply Lens effects to existing photos. Funny Picture Editor available different special lens effects, you can easily add lens effect on your photos.

How to apply Pixel effect photo editor in this app:-

1. Pixel effect photo editor is to choose photo from camera as well as gallery.
2. Cropping facility available for Pixel effect photo editor for user choice.
3. Pixel effect photo editor is having more than 15+ pixel effect by user choice to select any of them one.

4. Color set in background as photo choose by user and fit into Pixel effect photo editor.
5. Cut option also available for cut some portion of Pixel effect photo editor photos.
6. Add stickers in Pixel effect photo editor by user choice.
7. Saved image in Pixel effect photo editor.
8. My creation having all the saved image of Pixel effect photo editor.
9. You can also share image of Pixel effect photo editor via social links.

Download this app to find more features and lots of ready-made Pixel Effect Photo Editor.

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