8 April 2018

King’s Raid Mod Apk

100 Years Ago, a wizard opened a door to the demon world, and demons came out the world and invaded whole continent.whilst the land was on fire, heroes rose up. heroes broke through the demons and arrived at the fortress where the demon lord angmund. angmund proclaimed the kingdom and spread sorrow to humans of ovelia. King Kyle took charge and battle starts with angmund force in the fortress. King Kyle defeated angmund and killed him by piercing his heart by holy sword and since then there are no clues of king and angmund around the holy sword. One day darkness returned and you have to find the cause and spread peace in human kingdom forever.

Mod List :
  • - God Mode
  • - Increased Damage
  • Turn Off Music/Sound from Game Settings to Turn Hacks Off

Version: 2.93.0
Requirements: 4.1 and up

Google Play Store

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