7 October 2016

Sync.com v1.2.5 Apk

Sync.com - sync secure storage

Sync lets you store your files safely, securely and easily in the cloud. Access and share your files from your computers, Android devices and the web - all without compromising your privacy.
Sync's unique, zero knowledge storage platform ensures that only you have access to the keys that keep your data safe and secure. We can't read your files - nor would we want to. Your privacy is guaranteed.

This app lets you browse, view, upload, and download files placed in your Sync folder.
* Sign up for a free 5GB Sync.com account
* Securely upload your photos and videos to Sync

* Preview files and folders
* Access files in the Vault
Use Sync to keep your files safe, secure and completely private.
 Download Sync.com v1.2.5 Apk

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