10 September 2016

Servicely Pro v3.0.1 Apk

Remember that time when your device lost 50% of battery life during the night because a gazillion services from careless apps kept keeping your device awake and you have no way to disable them?
This application is for you.
If you’re rooted you’ll be able to select which services or apps you wanna kill automagically. The app runs a simple service every X seconds (default is 60s) and checks if those services that you’ve selected are alive. If they are – BOOM – good night. A small detail though, if that service or app is running on the foreground this app won’t kill it. It’s a small safety measure because you don’t want apps that you’re using to close on you.
The app operations run in a dedicated Background Thread so that your normal Android experience is not affected. Or, if you prefer, you can only set this timer to run on Screen off.
You can also disable/enable permanently any service on your device. It’s useful if you have services that tend to auto-restart and keep your device awake, or if you have games sending you never-ending notifications.
This app is powerful so have some sense of responsibility when using it.

What’s New
1 – Improved the black theme with a different color accent. making it more lively and interesting to use
2 – Compact the layout and make it easier to understand & navigate
3 – Gone the “Free version toggle”, everything is unlocked by default, but added non-obstructive native ads. You can disable this through the in-app purchase (which also supports me)
4 – Service kill service behaviour has been re-written from scratch for less memory usage and better performance
5 – New magical icon
Requirements: 4.1 and up

Google Play Store

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