6 May 2016

Phogy3D Camera V1.40 APK

Create a super cool selfie Phogy with 3D effect
Add movement to your photos with Phogy. Take selfies with a 3D effect or photograph your favorite subjects, like your friends, your family, your pets, nature and marvel at your pictures when you open them from the gallery Phogy application.
Phogy moves your world. It is not only the new application of Vivoti developer for Android devices, it also offers a new perspective on photography. Phogy totally revolutionizes photo taken with a smartphone or tablet. With Phogy, your photos come to life like never before.
With Phogy, capture the best moments of your life: no more static images, they now come to life before your eyes! A few simple steps to make your static images of animated photos with 3D effect.To easily create a photo Phogy, simply move your smartphone or tablet to the right while aiming the target. After displaying the image, move from left to right device to activate the 3D effect.
Phogy sensitivity can be set to low or high for the settings. After taking a photo Phogy, the application will note the quality of your decision. You can also send your pictures Phogy by email or share them with friends on social networks. The application creates mp4 files to share via Facebook and Google+ and also produces animated gifs can be shared via Google+, Tumblr or Internet. To customize Phogy photos, different filters are available to the user.
Your best shots will be perfect as unique wallpapers that will light a thousand lights smartphones.Phogy is available in free version and pro version. Join thousands of users who are animated emotions through Phogy and download the app now from Google Play. See the world in Phogy!
Main Features:
- unlimited number of photos Phogy (Pro)
- creating unique selfies with 3D effect
- sharing possible by email and on social networks
- creating MP4 files to share via Facebook, Google+, etc. (high quality for the Pro version)
- creating gifs to share via Google+, Tumblr, etc ... (high quality for the Pro version)
- Phogy allows for animated wallpapers with 3D effect (Pro)
- From many filters to customize your Phogy (Pro)
- quality rating (from 1 to 5 stars) after taking a picture with Phogy
- control (control) of the sensitivity of the motion Phogy (low to high)
Remember bring your pictures in 4 easy steps:
1. Take a picture with Phogy
2. Press the Start button (Start)
3. Aim the
4. Move your device to the right while continuing to aim your subject

Requirements: 4.0 and up

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